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In 2014, the longest running Ukrainian dance school in Manitoba, UNF School of Dance, partnered with the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Under the artistic direction and management of Rusalka, the Rusalka UNF School of Dance offers high caliber instruction and education in the art of Ukrainian folk dance. The Rusalka UNF School of Dance focuses on the fundamental principles of dance training, building a strong foundation for the command and development of technique and artistic expression. The highly trained faculty at the school of dance consider it a privilege to educate, inspire, and share the love of this beautiful art form with their dancers. So much so that many of the students of Rusalka UNF School of Dance eventually become the Rusalka dancers of tomorrow. The Rusalka UNF School of Dance commits to the preservation, education, appreciation, and participation of Ukrainian folk dance as a contribution to our cultural landscape in Manitoba. Rusalka UNF School of Dance provides a positive, motivational, and welcoming place for all dancers to achieve their artistic goals and dreams. 

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New to the Rusalka UNF School of Dance 

Dancing Together 

In 2020 the Rusalka Dancing Together initiative was born to foster relationships between all dance students within the Rusalka organization. The students at the school will receive the opportunity to visit with and learn from current members of the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble throughout the dance year. This very enjoyable and valuable collaboration has served to inspire our dancers and bring together our family in dance. 

Standardized Syllabus 

We are pleased to announce that all classes with the school of dance will be following an incremental and progressive instructional syllabus that was specifically developed for the Rusalka UNF School of Dance. This program will focus on and instill the importance and value of fundamental skills that will set the foundation for consistent and successful Ukrainian folk-dance training and learning. 

Technique & Choreography Workshops 

Dancers of select classes will have the opportunity to participate in technique and choreography workshops up and above their weekly dance training. This exciting initiative allows dancers of the Rusalka UNF School to further their dance education by learning from a variety of professional instructors and choreographers. 

Druzi-Adult Recreational Ukrainian Dance Class 

Did you dance growing up? Maybe you have never danced and want to give it a try? We have something for you! Our Adult Recreational Dance Class will offer a positive and energetic environment filled with exercise, music, fun, and friendship. Come and enjoy all the splendour that Ukrainian folk-dance classes have to offer. No experience required. 

Rusalka UNF School of Dance Logo Credit: Ivanka Waplak, Rusalka Alumni


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