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The UNF School of Dance is Manitoba’s longest running Ukrainian dance school. 
In 2014, a partnership with Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble was formed in order to secure the Ensemble's future.   

From a young age, Rusalka UNF School of Dance focuses on proper body mechanics and alignment built on a strong foundation of ballet. Using a modified Vaganova method that incorporates calisthenics and strengthening, the School is able to ensure that children develop the necessary strength and technique needed to succeed at  higher levels of dance. 

Under the artistic direction and management of Rusalka, dancers at Rusalka UNF School of Dance will learn from some of the strongest and most talented dancers in our province.

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UNF holds classes on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays at the hall for students from age 4-18. 


Prices outlined below include a minimum of 30 rehearsals, competition fees as well as costumes rental fees.

Please note: Competition & Festival fees are not included

WEDNESDAYS 6:30-7:30 – $300

Creative Movement 

Our creative movement class is our youngest class at the school. These students are starting their first year of dance. Along with the fundamentals of Ukrainian dance, students do fun activities to better increase coordination and begin to understand different rhythms.

Fee includes: rehearsal time and costume rental ($35)


Our beginner students have been dancing for a year or two. These students begin to explore formations, and expand their basic knowledge of Ukrainian dance steps. 

Fee includes: rehearsal time and costume rental ($35)



Our Junior students have between 3-4 years of experience. These students are working towards mastering their Ukrainian Dance steps in fun and exciting dances. This is the age where they start being exposed to different regions and styles of Ukrainian dance. 

Fee includes: rehearsal time and costume rental ($35)


WEDNESDAYS 7:30-9:00 – $380



Our Intermediate students have between 4-6 years of experience. Classes at this age are focused on partner work and are introduced to more advanced facets of Ukrainian dance such as lifts and solos. 

Fee includes: rehearsal time and costume rental ($45)



This young group of performers work hard at advancing their Ukrainian dance skills while exploring fun new regions. Emphasis is put on learning new regional styles and mastering partner work. 

Fee includes: rehearsal time and costume rental ($45)



Our senior performing group. This audition only group rehearses 3 hours a week and performs regularly throughout the year. Students in this class learn choreography from multiple regions and explore different styles and emotions of dance. Focus is placed in three areas; mastery of solos, strong ballet and character technique, and performance quality. 

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